Operation R.S.V.P.

Operation R.S.V.P.


(3 Reviews)
Operation R.S.V.P. by H. Beam Piper







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Operation R.S.V.P.


(3 Reviews)
This etext was produced from Amazing Stories, January, 1951. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the copyright on this publication was renewed.

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er; the Nova Zembla Glacier isn't there, any more.

5.) A lithium bomb. This has not been tested, yet. A lithium bomb is nothing for a country the size of Afghanistan to let off inside its own borders. We intend making a test with it within the next ten days, however If your Excellencies will designate a target, which must be at the center of an uninhabited area at least five hundred miles square, the test can be made in perfect safety. If not, I cannot answer the results; that will be in the hands of Allah, Who has ordained all things. No doubt Allah has ordained the destruction of either Moscow or Nanking; whichever city Allah has elected to erase, I will make it my personal responsibility to see to it that the other isn't slighted, either.

However, if your Excellencies decide to accede to my modest and reasonable demands, not later than one week from today, this test-launching will be cancelled as unnecessary. Of course, that would leave unsettled a bet I have made with Dr. Hong Foo--a star sa

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Quite a dated story by now (2012). Written using correspondence and newspaper headlines to tell the story, characterization is only vaguely hinted at. People's ideas of Muslim Afghanistan will probably also give this story a coloring it didn't have in 1951.

I like most of Piper's writing, this story just creaks too much.
Both very funny and very clever. The Russians and the Chinese keep bluffing each other with worse and worse nukes and plagues, but then AFGHANISTAN calls their bluff and ends the Cold War!