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Revenge by Arthur Porges







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Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned,but the fury of a biochemist scorned is just as great--and much more fiendish.

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given a new Bureau, set up like the F.B.I., and headed by Myron P. Bishop, a man trained by that distinguished expert on narcotics, Anslinger, himself.

But as to sensible solutions, such as legalizing the sale of heroin to break the world-wide criminal control on the distribution of drugs--that your vapid Puritan morality wouldn't permit. Millions of dollars for enforcement, and to punish the sick, but not one cent for prevention, and almost nothing to find out why people become addicts in the first place, and how to cure them.

It wasn't entirely your fault. You listened to the experts, usually career policemen who expect to cure any social evil with clubs and prisons. I am reminded of the simpleton found measuring two horses with a tape in order to be able to distinguish the black one from the white. Until I came along, nobody had ever reached the core of the matter. You don't kill a flourishing plant

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A biochemist gets no reward--or even credit--for solving the world's heroin problem, so he sets out to prove his abilities to the world.

The hero is a bit of a whiner with a big ego; the government employees he meets are all incompetent toadies. That's pretty much all the characterization there is. It's a one-joke story.
A revenge fantasy is the form of a science fiction tale.

A biochemist invents a method to permanently end the drug war, but all the thanks he gets from government bureaucrats and the public is nothing but a cold shoulder.

His revenge is rather cruel if unique.

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