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Danger by Fletcher Pratt







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sun grew unconscionably hot as it swung across the sky. We conversed in low tones and were wondering whether we had come on a wild goose chase when I saw Howard beside me, stiffen to attention. I looked around--there was a break in the ripple, and through it slowly emerged the shape of the monster, dull brown in hue. I felt a quiver of excitement; the chicken was straining to the limit of its rope. There was a crack! that made all of us jump, as someone fired. "No, not yet," cried the professor, but the dark form took no notice, only moved on, formless and flowing, with half a score of short tentacles waving before it. Then it appeared to notice the chicken, paused, waved a tentacle or two at it, and there was a flicking motion as one of the darts shot out. The chicken went limp and the monster flowed gently over it. When it had passed, chicken, rope, and even the stake, were gone.

Both men were now firing, but they might as well have been throwing peas. The fantastic mound of jelly rolled back into th

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(1929) Sci-fi (Scientific investigation) / Horror (Monster) / Short story (Magazine article)

R: * 8 * *

Plot bullets

Several men set out for a scientific investigation and cataloging of flora and fauna on and about Easter Island.
One man is mysteriously killed on the island. Others will die.
A strange shape is seen as it emerges and retreats at the shore.
What ever it is, it can kill quickly and leaves nothing but a ball of bones and hair. It may be more dangerous than a giant squid or octopus.
Known creatures, regardless of size, might be fought with conventional weapons. This monster is localized, but if it spreads, then mankind is in 'Danger'.

First published in Amazing Stories, July 1929
A moody, if unremarkable, story of a scientific expedition to Easter Island that stumbles across a new life form that basically likes to eat. Anything.

Some of the details are quite nice, the author is a good writer, but the plot is simple and is common in horror stories.
Pretty much the average sci-fi story about a crew that finds something sinister. They throw a few sailor and science words, it is nice, since it's a "science fiction" story. Quick read, pretty much worth the couple of minutes you'll spend on it.
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Awesome short tale of a crew of scientist who may have found a new life form, and the horror that follows.