Stepping Heavenward

Stepping Heavenward


(2 Reviews)
Stepping Heavenward by Mrs E. Prentiss







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Stepping Heavenward


(2 Reviews)

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n to be good, and making resolutions, and all that, you scold me and discourage me!"

Mother's voice was very soft and gentle as she asked, "Do you call this 'scolding,' my child?"

"And I don't like to be called conceited," I went on. "I know I am perfectly horrid, and I am just as unhappy as I can be."

"I am very sorry for you, dear," mother replied. "But you must bear with me. Other people will see your faults, but only your mother will have the courage to speak of them. Now go to your own room, and wipe away the traces of your tears that the rest of the family may not know that you have been crying on your birthday." She kissed me but I did not kiss her. I really believe Satan himself hindered me. I ran across the hall to my room, slammed the door, and locked myself in. I was going to throw myself on the bed and cry till I was sick. Then I should look pale and tired, and they would all pity me. I do like so to be pitied! But on the table, by the window, I saw a beautiful new desk in place of the ol

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Anyone who has struggled with aspects of their personality and christian character, will see themselves in every page of this book.

Written as a diary, it is full of reflective thoughts as if you were the author.
An excellent read, one I shall be gladly passing on to others

The author has such incredible insight - it's as if she has written this book in the 21st centry.
This is a book that I keep coming back to read. It's a beautiful story of a girl that struggles to live for God with her impulsive nature. I love watching her through her life and can't help thinking that someone is telling me about myself when I look at her life.

An incredible book.
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