The Stone Image

The Stone Image


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The Stone Image by Seabury Quinn







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The Stone Image


(1 Review)
Why is it, I wonder, that there must always be a rift in the lute, a fly in the ointment, a gnat in the ice-cream soda?

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ing from a lowering of vitality, possibly induced by insomnia. And I discovered traces of hysteria, too."

"Insomnia!" I scouted. "Why, man, Betty sleeps like a top; she sleeps as well as I do, and I'm almost as hard to rouse as Lazarus."

Doctor Towbridge lit a fresh cigar and stared for a minute at the rows of near-colonial villas racing past the car windows. "Did Mrs. Haig ever walk in her sleep as a child?" he asked. "Somnambulism may have the same effect as insomnia, you know."

Now, Betty and I had known each other just three months when we were married; so I had no more idea whether she had walked in her sleep as a child than I had what colored pinafores she wore when she was attending kindergarten. But Doctor Towbridge's question gave me to think. Suppose Betty were sleepwalking! And our sleeping rooms were on the second floor. Good Lord, if she were to walk through an open window! I determined then and there to do some watchful waiting that night.

But if the old saying concer

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A wife buys a Far Eastern idol for her home and mayhem ensues. However, the story refuses to take itself seriously so what should have been a rising crescendo of horror is turned into a rather droll tale with a very unsatisfying ending.

However, it is an interesting view into another time when in literature men and women interacted differently before the era of political correctness and the reduction of masculinity into the pathos of Homer Simpson.
Rob Kaufman - Emotionally Intense Psychological Thrillers
FEATURED AUTHOR - Rob Kaufman's novels are known for having characters with whom people can relate, while at the same time, bringing them on a journey from which most people would crumble. His degree in Psychology was the first step toward getting beneath the surface of the people in his life. What followed was a lifelong search for what makes people tick – what forces them to become evil when deep down they are yearning for love. Rob’s characters walk this search with him, deep into the human psyche, creating… Read more