The Master's Violin

The Master's Violin


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The Master's Violin by Myrtle Reed







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The Master's Violin


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A Love Story with a musical atmosphere. A picturesque, old German virtuoso is the reverent possessor of a genuine Cremona. He consents to take as his pupil a handsome youth who proves to have an aptitude for technique, but not the soul of the artist. The youth has led the happy, careless life of a modem, well-to-do young American, and he cannot, with his meagre past, express the love, the longing, the passion and the tragedies of life and its happy phases as can the master who has lived life in all its fulness. But a girl comes into his existence, a beautiful bit of human driftwood that his aunt had taken into her heart and home; and through his passionate love for her, he learns the lessons that life has to give—and his soul awakens.

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iving no encouragement from East Lancaster, had laid its tracks elsewhere. It was still spoken of as "the time when, if you will remember, my dear, they endeavoured to ruin our property with dirt and noise."

"Her clothes are like her name," remarked Lynn.

"Whose clothes?" asked Mrs. Irving, taken out of her reverie.

"That girl's. She had on a green dress, and some yellow velvet in her hair. Her eyes are purple."

"Violet, you mean, dear. Did you notice that?"

"Of course--don't I notice everything? Come, mother; I'll race you to the top of the hill."

Once again her objections were of no avail. Together they ran, laughing, up the winding road that led to the summit, stopping very soon, however, and going on at a more moderate pace.

The street was narrow, and the houses on either side were close together. Each had its tiny patch of ground in front, laid out in flower-beds bordered with whitewashed stones, in true German fashion. There were no street lamps, for West

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