Old Rose and Silver

Old Rose and Silver


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Old Rose and Silver by Myrtle Reed







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Old Rose and Silver


(4 Reviews)
A love story,--sentimental and humorous,--with the plot subordinate to the character delineation of its quaint people and to the exquisite descriptions of picturesque spots and of lovely, old, rare treasures.

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earl necklace, but it doesn't quite 'belong,' so I don't wear it. I won't wear anything that doesn't 'belong.'"

"How can you tell?"

"By instinct." "I can walk into a shop, look around for a moment, and say: 'please bring me my hat.' The one I ask for is always the right one. It is invariably becoming and suitable, and it's the same with everything else."

"It's a wonderful experience to go shopping with Aunt Francesca," put in Rose. "She knows what she wants and goes straight to it, without loss of time. Utterly regardless of fashion, for its own sake, she always contrives to be in the mode, though I believe that if hoop skirts were suited to her, she'd have the courage of her crinoline, and wear one."

"Let us be thankful they're not," remarked Madame. "It's almost impossible to believe it, but they must have looked well upon some women. Every personality makes its own demand for harmony and it is fascinating to me to observe strange people and plan for them their houses and clothes


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(1909) Romance


Plot bullets

Old Rose, well she is only forty. It is her self deprecating expression to hide the hurt of not yet being married. Always sought after by the men of the town, but she has her idea of the right man. And he hasn't come along, yet, until...
Silver, her aunt. A wise and caring person.
There is a pretty female cousin.
There is a young man who has a promising career playing the violin.
Both girls fall for the man, but one for selfish reasons.
The twins, Romeo and Juliet, who live down the road, become the stimulus to the happiness of all.
A tragedy brings out the best in some and the worse in others.

As in many of Reeds stories, she introduces some humor to keep the story lively, but always on track.
What a sweet sweet book! Only a few sappy lines, which is pretty good for a romance book. The ending is satisfying and happily-ever-after-ish. Only, Isabella got much better than she derserved. I really really liked this book and it deserves the five stars I'm giving it. I'm going to check out other books by the same author.
I completely agree with the first reviewer below! This is a charming book, reminiscent of the writing of Jane Austen, but more sweet and sentimental. I couldn't put it down and it kept me up late several nights! Here's a small example of the vividness of her writing:

"Crimson and golden leaves rained from the maples, and the purple winds of Autumn swept them into drifts at the roadside. Amethystine haze shimmered in the valleys and lay, cloud-like, upon the distant hills. "
Lovely, in some places breathtaking, writing.

If you are a musician: the description of Rose accompanying Allison on his violin.....the vivid account of her experience.... breath-taking, really.
In fact, I found myself re-reading passages; it's one of the loveliest books I've read. I had searched for it a couple of years ago after it was mentioned by author Jan Karon; so, I was delighted to find it for my e-reader.

The ending did seem a little abrupt, but that could be because I did not want it to end.

A book that I will read again.