The Dream Doctor

The Dream Doctor


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The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve





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The Dream Doctor


(1 Review)
Detective stories in which Craig Kennedy, by means of his wonderful scientific knowledge, easily solves mysteries of the most baffling nature.

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fied, in fact distinguished, Dr. Ross proved to be a man whose very face and manner were magnetic, as should be those of one who had chosen his branch of the profession.

"You have heard, I suppose, of the strange death of Price Maitland?" began Kennedy when we were seated in the doctor's office.

"Yes, about an hour ago." It was evident that he was studying us.

"Mrs. Maitland, I believe, is a patient of yours?"

"Yes, Mrs. Maitland is one of my patients," he admitted interrogatively. Then, as if considering that Kennedy's manner was not to be mollified by anything short of a show of confidence, he added: "She came to me several months ago. I have had her under treatment for nervous trouble since then, without a marked improvement."

"And Mr. Maitland," asked Kennedy, "was he a patient, too?"

"Mr. Maitland," admitted the doctor with some reticence, "had called on me this morning, but no, he was not a patient."

"Did you notice anything unusual?"

"He seemed to be much worried," Dr. Ross repl

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Interesting testimony to the early days of forensic science.
As I have only a vague recollection of my school physics, the first two
episodes were totally lost on me.
All the episodes have to do with physichal or chemical sciences and many of them were comprehensible even to me. Nonetheless, if your interest in science is zero, you won't find the read too exciting, as it evolves
around the devices that the main character uses to solve the crimes, while the crimes themselves and the characters are only secondary in the
But some of the scientific methods are curious both in themselves and as
surviving in the modern forensics, and their variety is impressive.
There is even a reference to Tesla's first idea of the alternative current.