The Buttoned Sky

The Buttoned Sky


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The Buttoned Sky by Robert W. Krepps







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The Buttoned Sky


(3 Reviews)
Legends spoke of Earth's glorious past, of freedom and greatness. But this was the future, ruled by god-globes, as men gazed fearfully at—The Buttoned Sky

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and lives. Orbs know, you gentry have busted enough of 'em for us. That hurt?"

She sat up, brushing her gown to her ankles as Revel took a last wistful look at her legs. Evidently she was quite unhurt. "You'll play fox for my father's hunt," she said coldly. "What made you do it?"

"You took a bad fall," he said lightly, wondering at his lack of fear. Never before had he touched a squire's woman. She felt as all women feel, her high caste couldn't be sensed in her body. "I'd sit still a moment, if I were you." It must be the killing of the globe, he thought; after that, any crime is possible.

"Who are you?"

"A miner," he mocked, standing. His pick was in his hand, as ever. He thought, Should I kill her too? No sense to that, when I was only trying to help. Or was it her body I wanted to touch? "Who's your father?"

"Ewyo of Dolfya, and his hounds will eat you for breakfast tomorrow."

Ewyo was one of the richest squires in this part of the world, and Jerran's cousin serv


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On a future earth, a hero arises to lead a rebellion of enslaved miners against human nobles and technologically advanced aliens. What a hero he is - tirelessly fighting endless streams of noble and alien enemies while absorbing injuries that would stop a batallion. His lady is beautiful; unlike our hero, she is never seriously wounded, but instead suffers from frequent shredding or loss of clothing. A wild and fast paced sf read which you may enjoy or hate depending on your preferences. The cover art is good in that it is true to the descriptions in the book.

It ain't high art, but it's pretty good as a pulp novella. Revel is a coal miner in a society ruled by squires whose power is backed up by the gods--glowing, tentacled, telepathic orbs with (we find out later) egg-yolk colored insides. The orbs live in the disks that stretch across the sky. That's how life was for hundreds of years, until one day Revel killed a god, and all hell broke loose.

An absorbing adventure tale with quite a lot of creative violence.