Gun for Hire

Gun for Hire


(3 Reviews)
Gun for Hire by Dallas McCord Reynolds





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Gun for Hire


(3 Reviews)
A gun is an interesting weapon; it can be hired, of course, and naturally doesn't care who hires it. Something much the same can be said of the gunman, too....

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een rocking with the mental blows he had been assimilating, but this was the final haymaker. He was stuck in this squaresville of a world.

* * * * *

Joe Prantera on a job was thorough.

Careful, painstaking, competent.

He spent the first three days of his life in the year 2133 getting the feel of things. Brett-James and Reston-Farrell had been appointed to work with him. Joe didn't meet any of the others who belonged to the group which had taken the measures to bring him from the past. He didn't want to meet them. The fewer persons involved, the better.

He stayed in the apartment of Reston-Farrell. Joe had been right, Reston-Farrell was a medical doctor. Brett-James evidently had something to do with the process that had enabled them to bring Joe from the past. Joe didn't know how they'd done it, and he didn't care. Joe was a realist. He was here. The thing was to adapt.

There didn't seem to be any hurry. Once the deal was made, they left it up to him to make the decis

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This was quite an interesting story up until the end, where it abruptly cuts off with an unsatisfying ending. Way too short of a read. Nevertheless, worth absorbing.
A hit man is kidnapped from 1960 and brought to the perfect future where, unfortunately, men of his skills have all been cured. But not all men who need to be killed have been cured. He's not a good fit for a perfect society.

The characters are not too original, the society a bit too perfect, and the description about average for a pulp story. It has a nice twist at the end.