Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor


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Medal of Honor by Dallas McCord Reynolds







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Medal of Honor


(2 Reviews)
According to tradition, the man who held the Galactic Medal of Honor could do no wrong. In a strange way, Captain Don Mathers was to learn that this was true.

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n give us the victory over the Kradens. Whether or not that is so, someone is going to make literally billions out of this new frontier."

"I still don't see ..."

"Lieutenant Mathers," Rostoff said patiently, "the bearer of the Galactic Medal of Honor is above law. He carries with him an unalienable prestige of such magnitude that ... Well, let me use an example. Suppose a bearer of the Medal of Honor formed a stock corporation to exploit the pitchblende of Callisto. How difficult would it be for him to dispose of the stock?"

Demming grunted. "And suppose there were a few, ah, crossed wires in the manipulation of the corporation's business?" He sighed deeply. "Believe me, Lieutenant Mathers, there are an incredible number of laws which have accumulated down through the centuries to hamper the business man. It is a continual fight to be able to carry on at all. The ability to do no legal wrong would be priceless in the development of a new frontier." He sighed again, so deeply as to make hi

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This is such a predictable story that it\'s hard for me to give it a great rating. However, I did enjoy reading it, so that counts for something.

A shady hero decides to become a real hero. That about sums it up.
A fearful interplanetary scout during an interstellar war with the Kradens is approached by a couple of slimy businessmen with a scheme to fake an enemy engagement and win him the Medal of Honor. He would then be above the law and able to accomplish certain projects that were not exactly legal.

The pilot and the slimeballs are all good characters, and the plot is quite believable.