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Freedom by Dallas McCord Reynolds





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Freedom is a very dangerous thing indeed. It is so catching—like a plague—even the doctors get it.

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e lengthy, working hours short. A four-day week, even! What did they want? What motivates a man who is living on a scale unknown to a Czarist boyar to risk his position, even his life! in a stupidly impossible revolt against the country's government?

The man across from him snorted in contempt.

He looked over the top of his paper at Smirnov and said, "The election in Italy. Ridiculous!"

Ilya Simonov brought his mind back to the present. "How did they turn out? I understand the depression is terrible there."

"So I understand," the other said. "The vote turned out as was to be expected."

Simonov's eyebrows went up. "The Party has been voted into power?"

"Ha!" the other snorted. "The vote for the Party has fallen off by more than a third."

The security colonel scowled at him. "That doesn't sound reasonable, if the economic situation is as bad as has been reported."

His table mate put down the paper. "Why not? Has there ever been a country where the

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This is a science fiction novel in the sense that it takes place in some future time when there are flying cars. Russia is still the Soviet Union, and the story concerns a Russian agent going undercover in Czechoslovakia to discover who is behind subversive groups popping up across Russia and its satellites.

The writing isn't bad and the characters are good; the story's title tells it's theme. It's just hard ignoring that the Soviet Union is gone.
T.R. Slauf - A Fantastical and Truly Imaginative Work of Fiction
FEATURED AUTHOR - T.R. Slauf has always been torn in two; one half revels in all things scientific and longs to explore the secrets of the universe, while the other half finds solace and excitement within the arts. After not feeling satisfied working as a research scientist T.R. started working on their debut novel Legends of Lightning, Hidden Realm. As our Author of the Day, T.R. tells us all about the book and the inspiration behind it.