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Expediter by Dallas McCord Reynolds







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His assignment was to get things done; he definitely did so.Not quite the things intended, perhaps, but definitely done.

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ed himself some more of the yellow spirits and took down half of it. "It is not important," he rasped. "Comrade Kardelj first came upon the germ of this project of ours whilst reading of American industrial successes during the Second World War. They were attempting to double, triple, quadruple their production of such war materiel as ships and aircraft in a matter of mere months. Obviously, a thousand bottlenecks appeared. All was confusion. So they resorted to expediters. Extremely competent efficiency engineers whose sole purpose was to seek out such bottlenecks and eliminate them. A hundred aircraft might be kept from completion by the lack of a single part. The expediter found them though they be as far away as England, and flew them by chartered plane to California. A score of top research chemists might be needed for a certain project in Tennessee, the expediter located them, though it meant the stripping of valued men from jobs of lesser importance. I need give no further examples. Their powers were s

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(1963) Political Intrigue

From 'Analog Science Fact and Fiction' May 1963.

R: ***

Plot bullets

A communist type government needs help. to modernize
That government gives a common man, the powers to do what ever he thinks is correct to help the country.
He is the expeditor, and must be obeyed.
Can an honest man, make a change, and can the government abide them.

A Mack Reynolds short story set in a democratic people's republic. Largely wishful thinking, and things get tied up a little too tidily, but funny enough to sustain my interest.

Dated, and not great, but entertaining.
T.R. Slauf - A Fantastical and Truly Imaginative Work of Fiction
FEATURED AUTHOR - T.R. Slauf has always been torn in two; one half revels in all things scientific and longs to explore the secrets of the universe, while the other half finds solace and excitement within the arts. After not feeling satisfied working as a research scientist T.R. started working on their debut novel Legends of Lightning, Hidden Realm. As our Author of the Day, T.R. tells us all about the book and the inspiration behind it.