When a Man Marries

When a Man Marries


(5 Reviews)
When a Man Marries by Mary Roberts Rinehart







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When a Man Marries


(5 Reviews)
A young artist, recently divorced by his wife, finds that his aunt is soon to visit. The aunt, who contributes to the family income and who has never seen the wife, knows nothing of the domestic upheaval. How the young man meets the situation is humorously and most entertainingly told.

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his letters to me. He would read one and say: "Here's a crackerjack, Kit," and pass it to me. And after I had read it we would lay it on the firelog, and Jim would say, "I am not worthy of her, Kit. I wonder if I can make her happy?" Or--"Did you know that the Duke of Belford proposed to her in London last winter?"

Of course, one has to take the woman's word about a thing like that, but the Duke of Belford had been mad about Maude Richard all that winter.

You can see that the burning of the letters, which was meant to be reminiscently sentimental, a sort of how-silly-we-were-but-it-is-all-over-now occasion, became actually a two hours' eulogy of Bella. And just when I was bored to death, the Mercer girls dropped in and heard Jim begin to read one commencing "dearest Kit." And the next day after the rehearsal dinner, they told Bella!

There was very nearly no wedding at all. Bella came to see me in a frenzy the next morning and threw Jim and his two-hundred odd pounds in my face, and althou


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(1910+ Humor (Romantic comedy) / Mystery / Romance

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Jim and Bella are divorced, but Jim is still in love with Bella.
Jim owes all his financial well being to his aunt who is coming for a visit. This presents a problem since his aunt is against divorce.
The only solution, of course, is to get his ex-girlfriend Kit (it is she who tells the tale) to pose as his wife, during the aunt's stay.
This situation alone is a recipe for disaster, but wait, there's more.

o A hansom man, Mr. Harbison, is an unexpected guest and takes a liking to Kit.

o Jim's ex-wife Bella shows up.

o The servants leave unexpectedly.

o The house is quarantined for Smallpox.

o The house is surrounded by newspaper reporters and police.

o There is a jewel thief among the household.

Who could foresee such a scenario unfurling: When a Man Marries?

A lively, humorous, romantic mystery, told with fine wit: Kit invites a batch of society types to help cheer up Jim, who's despondent over his divorce. Then she's talked into posing as his wife during the sudden visit of his wealthy aunt, who must be kept from knowing about the break-up. Unfortunately, the entire crew -- and several other unexpected characters -- find themselves cooped up together when the butler takes ill and the house is quarantined for smallpox. Meanwhile, the guests' jewels begin disappearing.