The Window at the White Cat

The Window at the White Cat


(2 Reviews)
The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart







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The Window at the White Cat


(2 Reviews)
Politics and Poker... that was the occupation and the preoccupation of the members of the White Cat Club. Once on the inside, a man's business was his own and nobody gave a damn if he was the mayor of the town or the champion poolplayer of the first ward. It was a noisy, crowded, masculine kind of retreat, which explained the sign that hung proudly over the door: "The White Cat Never Sleeps." But murder entered the wakeful chambers of the White Cat and its victims slept the deep, long sleep of the dead.

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ing the drawer was unlocked and partly open, but nothing was missing."

"All your jewelry was there?"

"All but one ring, which I rarely remove from my finger." I followed her eyes. Under her glove was the outline of a ring, a solitaire stone.

"Nineteen from--" I shook myself together and got up.

"It does not sound like an ordinary burglary," I reflected. "But I am afraid I have no imagination. No doubt what you have told me would be meat and drink to a person with an analytical turn of mind. I can't deduct. Nineteen from thirty-five leaves sixteen, according to my mental process, although I know men who could make the difference nothing."

I believe she thought I was a little mad, for her face took on again its despairing look.

"We must find him, Mr. Knox," she insisted as she got up. "If you know of a detective that you can trust, please get him. But you can understand that the unexplained absence of the state treasurer must be kept secret. One thing I am sure

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Enjoyed this novel, hero is clumsy which adds humor to the story. Took a long time for murder to happen. Pretty good mystery.