Hideaway Hospital Murders

Hideaway Hospital Murders


(3 Reviews)
Hideaway Hospital Murders by Robert Burton Robinson







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Hideaway Hospital Murders


(3 Reviews)
The small East Texas town of Coreyville is shaken by brutal murders and kidnappings, striking too close to home for Greg Tenorly. And the only witness is a mentally ill neighbor whose remarks are rejected by the police as gibberish. But Greg listens carefully to the man's seemingly incoherent statements, and later realizes that they just might contain enough clues to point him in the direction of the killer.But his investigation leads him into a hornet's nest of dark secrets, old grudges, jealousy, and greed. Now, caught in the crossfire between two families, Greg's life is in serious jeopardy.By morning, more bodies will be headed for the morgue. The only question is whether Greg Tenorly will be among them.

Book Excerpt

"Well, I am, Mom. Besides--you could keep me company."

"Looks like you have some very good company right here." Beverly smiled and winked at Greg.

"Come on, Mom, really. You don't need this big house. And it would be fun seeing you every day. We could have coffee together every morning. Watch some TV at night. We like a lot of the same shows."

"That might get old for you. And then what if you wanted to get married again?" She glanced at Greg.


"I don't know, Cynthia."

"Just think about it."

"I'll think about it."

"Mrs. Sonora--I mean, Beverly, this is fantastic. Everything was delicious. Thank you so much."

"You're quite welcome."

"See, Mom--you could cook for me. That would be great. I know you love to cook. And you know I love to eat."

"I said I'll think about it."

* * *

The Marshall police were looking for the killer, but they had no evidence or witnesses. The case would go cold in a hurry.

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The story is farfetched and very constructed. The caracters appear out of the blue and are not very believable. Especially the sisters Carnie and Carsie are just prototypes. I read it to the end, but wouldnt read it again
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I read the first in this series, "The Bicycle Shop Murder" and thought it was an OK read; not great, but not bad either and so downloaded this to see where the author took the characters.

What a mistake.
The bland main character of the first novel remains bland; his potentially interesting girlfriend becomes bland; and the plot is utterly ludicrous, owing not a little to the Aileen Wuornos story.

Dreadful. I didn't even finish this and will not be reading the rest in the series.