Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman

Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman


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Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman by Noel Sainsbury





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Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman


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The book is dedicated to Oliver Templeton Johnson Jr.

Book Excerpt

art the engine."

"You mean we can pull in the sea anchor and taxi out of this dangerous position?"

"Hardly that. The old bus would pound to pieces in this sea if I tried to send her over these waves. The idea is to give her just enough headway to offset the wind drift that is driving her ashore. I want to keep her the same distance off the surf that she is now. The tide will then have a chance to carry us sideways round the point. There's bound to be quieter water to leeward of that headland."

"Sounds fine! Anyway, it gives us a chance. What can I do to help?"

"Crawl out on the nose, please. When I give the word, haul in the anchor line. If you try to get the sea anchor aboard from a cockpit the bus will slew to the side and I'll never be able to keep her headed into the wind."

Bill took his place at the controls in the fore cockpit and idled the engine until he was convinced everything was running smoothly. Then he placed his feet on the rudder pedals and motioned his fathe


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