Beautiful Joe

Beautiful Joe
An Autobiography of a Dog


(5 Reviews)
Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders







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Beautiful Joe
An Autobiography of a Dog


(5 Reviews)
BEAUTIFUL JOE is a real dog, and "Beautiful Joe" is his realname. He belonged during the first part of his life to a cruelmaster, who mutilated him in the manner described in the story.He was rescued from him, and is now living in a happy home withpleasant surroundings, and enjoys a wide local celebrity.

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no dirt holes for careless men here. I want the sun to shine in the corners, and I don't want my horses to smell bad smells, for they hate them, and I don't want them starting when they go into the light of day, just because they've been kept in a black hole of a stable, and I've never had a. sick horse yet."

He poured something from a bottle into a saucer and went back to Pacer with it. I followed him and stood outside. Mr. Wood seemed to be washing a sore in the horse's mouth. Pacer winced a little, and Mr. Wood said: "Steady, steady, my beauty; 'twill soon be over."

The horse fixed his intelligent eyes on his master and looked as if he knew that he was trying to do him good.

"Just look at these lips, Joe," said Mr. Wood "delicate and fine like our own, and yet there are brutes that will jerk them as if they were made of iron. I wish the Lord would give horses voices just for one week. I tell you they'd scare some of us. Now, Pacer, that's over. I'm. not going to dose you much, for I

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This is the 1st book I EVER read when I was eight years old. It touched me so deeply that I still remember many years later. I truly fell "in love" with my Beautiful Joe. My then very innocent mind was so hurt and appalled at the capacity for human cruelty! At the end of the book, I cried and cried because I JUST DIDN'T WANT THE BOOK TO END!!! I had grown that attached to my beautiful Joe. He had truly become "my dog", and I couldn't bear the thought of saying goodbye to him. I wish I could have met Marshall Saunders, the beautiful lady that wrote this book, but I wish I could have met "Beautiful Joe" even more!!!
The self narration of dog is supreb, the story plot is also good. Really, it is a worth of reading. Thanks to for providing this book in online.
I'm so happy to see "Beautiful Joe" offered here! It was my favorite book when I was a child, and several years ago I bought a new copy on eBay. A wonderful book for children and one of my favorites of all time!!
a good story and a good read. great for children and i adored it! how blessed we are to have dogs like Joe in our lives!

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