Pazuzu - Manifestation

Pazuzu - Manifestation


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Pazuzu - Manifestation by Matthew Sawyer







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Pazuzu - Manifestation


(1 Review)
An ancient demon awakes to confront supernatural forces that prey upon an unguarded world. Pazuzu awakes to fight evil with evil. The demon first needs a human body. It finds Benedict Ishkott wandering alone and empty in the wastes of the Shur. One amnesic carries salvation and damnation from the desert.

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orizon, and an invisible glass wall rose from it. No matter how Ben tried to step unto the line, he leaned to the left. He walked parallel to a road. A road! That's when the voice became more than a hallucination, hailing him from the direction he forced himself to follow.

"You have certainly wandered around long enough."

Ben did not raise his face from his discovery. The thin black line magically stretched into a thick ribbon of cracked asphalt, and sand drifted over it in sheets. As he realized that the road lay flat instead of vertical, Ben steered himself onto it. He continued walking to his left, deliberately.

"Now, here we are, and all the worse for wear." Ben swore the quip was a thought hidden in his head, but the voice said it. Ben snorted, then choked in amusement.

"Who are you?" demanded a nervous new voice. Ben stopped walking. This voice couldn't be any more real than the first.

The sound of the wind had not deadened when Ben heard the voice ask his identity. Th

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Pazuzu Manifestation here on ManyBooks appears to be the old Third Revision, I've been trying to get this copy updated with the latest Eighth Revision without luck.

Eighth Revision reads like a totally new book - a lot of work has gone into cleaning the typos and errors and smoothing the pace. This is a fast introduction to the Shur desert and its cursed inhabitants - the story peaks in the second book Pazuzu - Emergence.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - A life-long dream was realized with the publication of her debut, Life in a Box, in 2017 followed by A Kind of Hush published 2021. JoDee and her husband moved to East Texas where she became the chair of the community book club and has held that position for 20 years. "These ladies were my publishing cheerleaders and without them, my novels would still be pipe-dreams. I owe them any and all success I have enjoyed." As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, A Kind of Hush.