An Incident on Route 12

An Incident on Route 12


(4 Reviews)
An Incident on Route 12 by James H. Schmitz





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An Incident on Route 12


(4 Reviews)

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here might be disastrous. It was past midnight, and he had another hundred and ten miles to cover to reach the small private airfield where Madge waited for him and the thirty thousand dollars in the suitcase on the Packard's front seat.

If he didn't make it before daylight....

He thought of the bank guard. The man had made a clumsy play at being a hero, and that had set off the fool woman who'd run screaming into their line of fire. One dead. Perhaps two. Garfield hadn't stopped to look at an evening paper.

But he knew they were hunting for him.

He glanced up and down the road. No other headlights in sight at the moment, no light from a building showing on the forested hills. He reached back into the car and brought out the suitcase, his gun, a big flashlight and the box of shells which had been standing beside the suitcase. He broke the box open, shoved a handful of shells and the .38 into his coat pocket, then took suitcase and flashlight over to the shoulder of t


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(1962) Sci-fi (Aliens) / Short story (Magazine)

From Worlds of If January 1962

R: * * *

Plot bullets

An escaping bank robber\'s getaway car breaks down.
He chooses the wrong car to hijack, to continue his escape.
The driver he chooses may present a challenge, but he is desperate.
If he survives, this is something that he will always remember as: An Incident on Route 12

Well, the Packard kind of dates the story. The main character is a bank robber who killed two people, so he has motivation to get away and fear of getting caught.
The story does get very weird, very quickly. At that point, I lost interest.
A killer bankrobber's trusty Packard dies on the highway. (It's not the only Packard that died- my dad had one, so I can sympathize). But bummer; he is being pursued by the law. He waits for another car to stop, and when it does, he shoots the driver. The dead body convulses and a strange living black rod emerges from it. He shoots the creature, jumps in the car and takes off toward safety. Doesn't get far. There are things hiding in the back and they are aggravated and needy....

Barely worth a quick read. Barely.