The Winds of Time

The Winds of Time


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The Winds of Time by James H. Schmitz







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The Winds of Time


(1 Review)
He contracted for a charter trip--but the man who hired his spacer wasn't quite a man,it turned out--and he wanted more than service!

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into their frames and locked. The thing was inside. But it was almost a minute then before Gefty could control his shaking legs enough to start moving back towards the main deck. In the half-dark of the vault, it had looked like a big coiled cable lying next to the packing cases. Like Maulbow, it might have been battered around and knocked out during the recent disturbance; and when it recovered, it had found Gefty in the vault with it. But it might also have been awake all the while, waiting cunningly until Gefty's attention seemed fixed elsewhere before launching its attack. It was big enough to have flattened him and smashed every bone in his body if the stroke had landed.

Some kind of guard animal--a snakelike watchdog? What other connection could it have with the mystery machine? Perhaps Maulbow had intended to leave it confined in one of the cases, and it had broken loose--

Too many questions by now, Gefty thought. But Maulbow had the answers.

* * * * *

He was hurrying up the

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A pulp action story. Mr. Maulbow not only misrepresented himself (who and what he was,) he lied about his cargo, half of which seemed to be alive, and the other half of which had knocked them out of normal space into some sort of limbo. So the ship's captain/hero has to fight aliens, save his ship, and rescue the helpless woman.
Characterizations are minimal, plotting is mundane. This is actually a fair example of this type of story, if you're not bored to tears by them.