The Other Likeness

The Other Likeness


(2 Reviews)
The Other Likeness by James H. Schmitz





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The Other Likeness


(2 Reviews)
There is a limit to how perfecta counterfeit can be—a limit that cannot be passed withoutan odd phenomenon setting in....

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followed them in, closing and locking the door behind him. They crossed quickly through the small building to an open wall portal at the far end. Beyond the portal a large, brightly lit room was visible, comfortably furnished, windowless. Between that room and the shed the portal spanned a distance of seven miles, a vital point in the organization of their escape route. If they were traced this far, the trail would end--temporarily, at least--at the ranch.

They stepped over into the room, and Rane Rellis pulled down a switch. Behind them the portal entry vanished. Back in the deserted ranch building, its mechanisms were bursting into flames, would burn fiercely for a few seconds and fuse to dead slag.

* * * * *

Rane said tightly, "I feel a little better now ... just a little! The Fed agents are good, but I haven't yet heard of detection devices that could drive through five hundred yards of solid rock to spot us inside a mountain." He paused as a tall girl with black hair, dark-brown eyes

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This is a fairly entertaining story up until the end - at which point it falls off a cliff.

Aliens bent on destroying the human Federation are foiled by their own devices. Ho-hum.
It took a few pages to realize that the good guys were actually bad guys. An alien invasion story with spies so perfect they almost fool themselves.

Good story.