Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich


(3 Reviews)
Ham Sandwich by James H. Schmitz







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Ham Sandwich


(3 Reviews)
It gets difficult to handle theproblem of a man who has a real talentthat you need badly—and he cannotuse it if he knows it's honest!

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omfortable positions, waiting for Dr. Al's comments.

"No miracles this time!" Ormond began briskly. He smiled.

Mrs. Folsom said, "Dr. Al--"

He looked over at her. "Yes, Eleanor?"

Eleanor Folsom hesitated, shook her head. "No," she said. "Go on. I'm sorry I interrupted."

"That's all right." Dr. Al gave her a warm smile. It had been, he continued, a successful exercise, a very promising first attempt, in spite of the lack of an immediate materialization, which, of course, had been only a remote possibility to start with. He had no fault to find with the quality of the group's effort. He had sensed it ... as they, too, presently would be able to sense it ... as a smooth flow of directed energy. With a little more practice ... one of these days ...

Cavender stifled one yawn, concealed another which didn't allow itself to be stifled behind a casually raised hand. He watched Ormond move over to the prop table, put the wooden plate down beside the red suitcase without interr

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An almost-interesting storyline, ruined by mediocre writing skills. A fairly predictable story about psychic powers. Not recommended, but not the worst story you'll every read.
Not everyone in Dr Grady's classes to train psychic abilities is who he seems. And he may not even be who he reveals himself to be.

Not a great story, the plot trudges along, but the narrator is a good character, and there's an underlying question of "what's going on here?" that kept me reading.
A couple of real mental telepathics go undercover in a Total Insight class run by a con artist. Harmless, but not even mildly interesting, as the characters all seem rather bloodless and uncompelling.