The Dragon's Secret

The Dragon's Secret


(1 Review)
The Dragon's Secret by Augusta Huiell Seaman







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The Dragon's Secret


(1 Review)
A metal box, decorated with an elaborately carved dragon, is dug up by Leslie Carter's dog near a supposedly unoccupied cottage. After considerable amateur detective work by two girls the contents prove to be important letters which they prevent Chinese secret service men from stealing.

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nd. Nothing further had occurred, though she had watched at her window for nearly an hour. Even Rags at length ceased to exhibit signs of uneasiness, and she had gone to bed at last, feeling that she must have been mistaken in imagining anything unusual.

The first thing she had done this morning after leaving the house was to walk around Curlew's Nest, examining it carefully for any sign of occupation. It was closed and shuttered, as tight as a drum, and she could discern no slightest sign of a human being having been near it for days. But still she could not rid her mind of the impression that there had been something last night out of the ordinary, or Rags would not have behaved as he did. He was not the kind of dog that unnecessarily excited himself about nothing. It was a little bit strange.

"Oh, dear! I beg your pardon! I'm awfully sorry!" exclaimed Leslie, reeling backward from the shock of collision with some one she had unseeingly bumped into as she plowed her way along, her hea

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The mystery story is not the most satisfying I have ever read. My complaints range from plot to style; the plot is held back too much until the end of story, so that the last few chapters are basically character monologues filling in the gaping holes in the mystery; the style was annoying in that the two main characters, two teenage girls who met on the beach, were too much in sync. I should clarify that second point: the dialogue between the two main characters reads more like an inner monologue of a very grammatically inclined person. There is very little done to differentiate the speaking styles of different characters, and there is too much foreshortening of the most interesting parts.

In short, I don't think I would recommend this to anyone looking for a mystery novel, though it does make for fairly furtive ground to those interested in adolescent literature.
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