Animal Heroes

Animal Heroes


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Animal Heroes by Ernest Thompson Seton





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Animal Heroes


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A hero is an individual of unusual gifts and achievements. Whether it be man or animal, this definition applies; and it is the histories of such that appeal to the imagination and to the hearts of those who hear them.

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!" screamed the Black, but he retreated a thirty-second of an inch, and the Yellow Warrior closed and clinched like a demon.

Oh, how they rolled and bit and tore, especially the Yellow One!

How they pitched and gripped and hugged, but especially the Yellow One!

Over and over, sometimes one on top, sometimes another, but mostly the Yellow One; and farther till they rolled off the roof, amid cheers from all the windows. They lost not a second in that fall to the junk-yard; they tore and clawed all the way down, but especially the Yellow One. And when they struck the ground, still fighting, the one on top was chiefly the Yellow One; and before they separated both had had as much as they wanted, especially the Black One! He scaled a wall and, bleeding and growling, disappeared, while the news was passed from window to window that Cayley's Nig had been licked at last by Orange Billy.

Either the Yellow Cat was a very clever seeker, or else Slum Kitty did not hide very hard; but he disco

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What an unexpected pleasure! Mr. Seton shares some astounding and charming animal stories for children of all ages. I especially enjoyed, 'Chappy, the Brave Little Coatimundi'.

While in Cuba, Theodore Roosevelt adopted Chappy the Coatimundi as a pet. The energetic animal followed T.R. everywhere..even into the Battle of San Juan Hill. Roosevelt used Chappy and his needle-sharp teeth as a weapon during the battle; throwing Chappy onto the face of enemy combatants. Chappy would sink his teeth into the Adam's Apple of opposing soldiers..compromising their breathing and often hitting a vital artery.

I won't spoil what finally happened to Chappy, but next time in Washinton D.C. be sure to see the memorial statue of the brave little coatimundi in the Capitol Rotunda.