Jon and Celenda

Jon and Celenda


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Jon and Celenda by Michael E. Shea





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Jon and Celenda


(1 Review)

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e is not known for his great strategy yet his advice to the Danken is remarkably sound. He knows things he should not and gives wise council when he has no wisdom of his own. Learn how he does this and learn of his plans."

"When I have learned what you want, what of me then?"

"Your world is your own. We can arrange for a noble seat in many cities in the south. We can re-introduce you to your cousin in Gazu Tevel. You can act as a southern ambassador and advisor to the north."

"And you?"

Jon shrugged. "I will continue to do what I have done."


Red clouds of dust rose from the slave pits of Gazu Kadem. They saw the clouds hours before they saw the city itself. Two deep pits, thousands of feet across and nearly a thousand feet deep lay outside the city itself. Half a million slaves carved into the rock seeking iron, coal, gold, and the treasures of the old city now buried underneath the sand and clay above.

The minerals and artifacts were only one profitable comm


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A good story of royalty and slaves, spying and treachery, set on a world of swords, horses and citadels. The decadent daughter of a disgraced traitor is recruited by an ambassador from the North to determine from her old lover whether the god-king intends to invade the North.
The characters are clear and likable, and the plot is reasonable enough. The story needs and editor. There are misused words and awkward syntax that distract from the flow of the story.
Diane Merrill Wigginton - Romantic, Suspenseful Page-Turner
FEATURED AUTHOR - Diane Merrill Wigginton was born in Riverside, California in 1963. Her family moved to San Diego near the end of 1970, where she grew up in the newly developed community of Mira Mesa. Spending portions of her summers each year in Burly, Idaho, with her mother's parents, Florence and Orval Merrill, Diane developed a love of animals and a respect for the land. It was during this time on the farm, where she learned to ride horses, herd cattle, and tame wild kittens that Diane developed a love of… Read more