The Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf


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The Gray Wolf by Michael E. Shea





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The Gray Wolf


(2 Reviews)

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her echoed out over the hills from the hut where the black-cloaked men had taken her. He saw the man watch as Krin's sisters were impaled naked on pikes and displayed on the sides of the road with forty other women and children. Krin had watched the man shoot his father down like a dog with the bird-hammered pistol he had just seen hanging from the man's belt.

The man had grown old since then, Krin saw. His black pony tail had grayed like storm clouds. Deep lines crossed his brow and spread down his cheeks on each side of his mouth. The solder's eyes were the same, though, pools of cold blue. The eye around his neck was also the same.

Krin felt the crack of Brovine's hand across his cheek. It caused him no pain but Krin acted as though it had. He turned his head and kept walking, hearing the blue-eyed demon's horse clop out of town. Krin had waited for so long. Now the waiting was over.


Two nights after leaving Greenmoon, Jon entered the Gloomwillow Wood. He rode hard the first d

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Better than I expected. A fantasy of an alternate world where nothing more magical than thelepathy intrudes in the story, and that only slightly.

It's about the legacy of cruelty. Worth reading.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - Kate Castle is the author of the best-selling novella Born of the Sea. Her debut novel, Girl Island, is out now. Kate's books fall into the Young Adult and New Adult adventure and romance categories. Kate is passionate about representing young queer females in mainstream literature and writes stories about fierce, independent, fluid young women - the kind of characters she wished she could have read more about growing up. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, Girl Island.