Vrenna and the Little King

Vrenna and the Little King


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Vrenna and the Little King by Michael E. Shea





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Vrenna and the Little King


(1 Review)

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did not kill him. Alvia, the older woman recognized him and spared his life with a single word in a language Oben did not recognize.

The woman, Alvia, served Oben a bowl of stew. They ate late in the night, she explained, to avoid the watchful eyes of the hunters. She told Oben their tale.

The boy's father, the wandering king and rightful heir to the old empire, died from the rot of a spear wound. The boy was now the last heir. The woman, Alvia, fled with the boy as the last remains of those swordsman loyal to the king, died on the spears of Dan Trex's murderous slave warriors.

The woman, Vrenna, had traveled half the desert to reach them here. Her role was still a mystery to Oben but the boy king and his loyal servant trusted her. She had cut through the lines of Trex to reach them and soon, the older woman explained, she would lead them out. The caves were not safe. Elik'Don and his hunter were just the first to narrow down their escape to the mountains. Others would soon arrive as wel

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A good, moody, story of a search for an escaped king (to kill him) in a land of rough hills, deserts, and quick death. Slavers, bandits, and professional killers are searching for the king, when a warrior woman comes on the scene, working her way through the crude and cruel land on a mission of her own.
Vrenna is a sort of Clint-Eastwood-spaghetti-western hero who keeps her mouth shut and her business to herself.
This story seems to come after the Vrenna and the Red Stone stories and before Vrenna and the Well.
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