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Dogland by Will Shetterly







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The Nix family has arrived. And Latchahie County will never be the same. In an effort at improving his family's lot, the Nixes have moved to rural Florida to open Dogland: a combination zoo, restaurant and motel. But it isn't long before Nix and his clan of eccentric supporters run afoul of unsympathetic locals. The problem? Luke Nix has hired Ethorne Hawkins.Hawkins is black. And it's 1959.

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t. His hooves were muddy, and one was chipped. His horns stuck out from the curly hair on his head, which was the color of the hair covering his legs. The horns were small and dull black and didn't quite match. He smelled like a dog that'd been in the rain.

The hairy man put his fists on his flanks and said, "What you lookin' at, son?"

"You," I said, because Pa had taught me to answer adults, and then, "Sir," because Pa had taught me to be polite.

The hairy man nodded, then belched. I smelled something like Grandma Bette's breath after she drank port -- soda pop for grown-ups, only stronger. Then the man laughed. "Think you see good, son?"

I had never thought about how well I saw. Ma and Pa both wore glasses, and Little Bit and I didn't, so I nodded.

The hairy man laughed again. "You ain't seen a thing till you've seen it straight on an' out the corner of your eye, both. Near any fool can do one or the other."

As an approaching band broke into "When the Saints Go Marc

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A truly awesome book. I loved everything about this book: the story, the characters, the writing style. Can highly recommend this book.
I truly enjoyed this book.

This story of a man with principles and how by living those principles helps your family and your community is inspiring.
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