Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl


(2 Reviews)
Midnight Girl by Will Shetterly









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Midnight Girl


(2 Reviews)
Your dad used to be the spooky-mysteries TV show host Professor Midnight. Your grandmother lives in the basement and only comes upstairs after dark. Your mom died when you were a baby, and nobody will tell you about her. Oh, and you have two birthdays, both on Halloween. And that's the part of your life that's normal.But with this birthday, everything is going to change.

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the wolf had gone to Tarika, whose mouth was wide in wonder. Casa Medianoche's ironwood door was open. A small gray woman in a shapeless black dress squinted at them.

"Granny Lupe!" Cat said. "Did you see the wolf?" Tarika asked. Granny Lupe shook her head. "I see two sneaky girls who should be in bed. Do you know how dangerous it is to be out alone?" Cat swallowed. "Do now." "Good." Granny Lupe smiled. "Always know exactly how dangerous something is. Then you can do it better." Her gaze flicked back toward the house as she sighed. "That man."

The rattle of the old elevator's doors opening came from the front room. Then rubber wheels whirred across the tiles as her father sped up to the door. "Who's come!" he demanded, glaring at the street and the lawn and, finally, at Cat and Tarika.

Cat lifted her shoulders in the smallest shrug possible.

Tarika grinned and gave Cat's father a little happy wave. "Hi, Professor M. Um, early trick or treat?"

"You two are supposed--" he bega

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This book tells the story of a young girl coming to awareness of her family history, her true nature, and her unique powers. The story is overall ok, very good in parts. I probably would have given 4 stars but the artificial teen dialog got to me after a while.
This is a good book, I enjoyed it a lot, the story, i think could have been a little deeper, and the end was predictable, but truth is i just really enjoyed reading it, and Cat was a great character, who you warm to very quickly. Download it, it's worth it!
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