Five Little Peppers Midway

Five Little Peppers Midway


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Five Little Peppers Midway by Margaret Sidney







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Five Little Peppers Midway


(1 Review)

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ng to, astonishes me," said Jasper, after a moment. "Well, it will not be for long, I presume, that we shall have the honor; she'll be easily tired of America, and take herself off again."

"She doesn't stay in this house, does she, Jasper?" cried Polly in a tone of horror.

"No; that is, unless she chooses to, then we can't turn her off. She's a relative, you know."

"Hasn't she any home?" asked Polly, "or any children?"

"Home? Yes, an estate down in Bedford County?-Dunraven Lodge; but it's all shut up, and in the hands of agents who have been trying for the half-dozen years she was abroad, to sell it for her. She may have come back to settle down there again, there's no telling what she will do. In the meantime, I fancy she'll make her headquarters here," he said gloomily.

"Oh, Jasper!" exclaimed Polly, seizing his arm, feeling that here was need of comfort indeed, "how very dreadful! Don't you suppose something will happen to take her away?"

"I don't see what can," sa

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Continues the story of the Five Little Peppers in their newly prosperous life. If you enjoyed the first book, this and the sequels will continue to charm. If you thought Polly Pepper, her siblings and their Mamsie were too thoroughly good to be true, don't read farther into the series because they just keep on.

Despite the dates attached to the books, the stories seem to go in this order:

The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, 1881

The Adventures of Joel Pepper, 1900

The Five Little Peppers at School, 1903

The Five Little Peppers and their Friends, 1904

The Five Little Peppers Midway, 1890

The Five Little Peppers Abroad, 1902

The Five Little Peppers Grown Up, 1892