Life and Death

Life and Death
And Other Legends and Stories


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Life and Death by Henryk Sienkiewicz





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Life and Death
And Other Legends and Stories


(0 Reviews)
Contains the five stories; Life and Death, Is He the Dearest One?, A Legend of The Sea, The Cranes and The Judgement of Peter and Paul on Olympus.

Book Excerpt

ye sailing?"

"To that port to which wind blows," said the men on "The Purple."

"Have a care, there are rocks ahead! There are whirlpools!"

In reply to this warning came back a song as loud as the wind was:

"Let us sail on, let us sail ever joyously."

Men on "The Purple" were gladsome. The crew, confiding in the strength of their ship and the size of it, jeered at all perils. On other ships stern discipline ruled, but on "The Purple" each man did what seemed good to him.

Life on that ship was one ceaseless holiday. The storms which she had passed, the rocks which she had crushed, increased the crew's confidence. "There are no reefs, there are no winds to wreck this ship," roared the sailors. "Let a hurricane shiver the ocean, 'The Purple' will always sail forward."

And "The Purple" sailed; she was proud, she was splendid.

Whole years passed--she was to all seeming invincible, she helped other ships and took in on her deck drowning passengers.


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