The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters


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The Three Sisters by May Sinclair





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The Three Sisters


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Shortly after discovering the work of Sigmund Freud, Sinclair began this study of middle-class women in a repressive society. It teaches the folly and futility of any human being attempting to decide the destinies of others, even of those nearest and dearest. It would be unfair to an admirable and discriminating character study that this is all there is to be found in what is perhaps the strongest book of Miss Sinclair's later period. The different characters of the three sisters who form the central interest, their contrasted views of love and marriage and of life in general taken all together form a sympathetic and probing study of feminine psychology.

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naise; she felt them in her heart and nerves as a delicate, dangerous tremor, the almost intolerable on coming of splendor, of triumph and of joy.

And as she played the excitement gathered; it swung in more and more vehement vibrations; it went warm and flooding through her brain like wine. All the life of her bloodless body swam there, poised and thinned, but urgent, aspiring to some great climax of the soul.


The whole house was full of the Chopin Grande Polonaise.

It raged there like a demon. Tortured out of all knowledge, the Grande Polonaise screamed and writhed in its agony. It writhed through the windows, seeking its natural attenuation in the open air. It writhed through the shut house and was beaten back, pitilessly, by the roof and walls. To let it loose thus was Alice's defiance of the house and her revenge.

Mary and Gwenda heard it in the dining-room, and set their mouths and braced themselves to bear it. The Vicar in his study behind the dining-room heard it and scowled. E

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