Mr. Waddington of Wyck

Mr. Waddington of Wyck


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Mr. Waddington of Wyck by May Sinclair





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Mr. Waddington of Wyck


(1 Review)
A spectacle of laughter for gods and men.

Book Excerpt

n't mind him a bit, poor old thing, if he wasn't Fanny's husband."

He had almost as good as owned it, almost put her in possession of their secret. She conceived it--his secret, Fanny's secret--as all innocence on her part, all chivalry on his; tender and hopeless and pure.


They had come to the white gate that led between the shrubberies and the grass-plot with the yellow-grey stone house behind it.

It was nice, she thought, of Fanny to make Mr. Bevan take her for these long walks when she couldn't go with them; but Barbara felt all the time that she ought to apologize to the young man for not being Fanny, especially when Mr. Waddington was coming back to-day by the three-forty train and this afternoon would be their last for goodness knew how long. And as they talked--about Ralph's life before the war and the jobs he had lost because of it (he had been a journalist), and about Barbara's job at the War Office, and air raids and the games they both went in for, and their favourite authors and th

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(1921) Romance / Mid Life Crisis
Plot bullets

Mr. Waddington is middle aged and is suffering the crisis of the same name.
He sees himself as politically strong, an author of note and a ladies man.
Mr. Waddington is none of these. His wife knows it and so does his young secretary.

Slightly similar to Wells 'Mr. Britling Sees It Through'.
Mr. Waddington, however, has no great final Introspection that sets him
on a new course in life. Mr. Waddinton, never faces reality. There is some
light humor, all at Mr. Waddington's expense and only seen by others.
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