The Overman

The Overman


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The Overman by Upton Sinclair







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The Overman


(1 Review)
The story of an English musician, who, wrecked upon a desert island in the South Seas, lives for twenty years alone, and during that time finds himself, while yet in the body, becoming cognizant of a spiritual world of people, activities, emotions--a life, the presence of which "is rapture and unutterable holiness."

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too much for me--at times I was certain that I was indeed listening to a maniac.

When my brother began speaking again, I was at first hardly conscious of it. "Edward," he said, "I have thought about this--that perhaps my presence would be painful to you. If so, let me go away. Take what tools I have here, and make this place your home--you have knowledge at your command, you can plant and hunt and study, and do what you will. As for me, such things make no difference; I could soon make myself comfortable again, and perhaps "

"Say no more about it," I interrupted quickly; "if anyone must go, let it be me, for I shall have need of occupation."

For long hours after that strange experience I was pacing up and down the stormswept beach of the island. What I had heard had disturbed me more than anything before in my life; the whole surroundings contributed to the effect--the perils I had passed through, the terrible future which stretched before me, the loss of my brother, and the finding of t

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A fairly good story, which develops a science fiction element at the end. A man finds his brother alone on a south seas island twenty years after his shipwreck. The brother behaves oddly, seeming to live entirely in his own head. As it turns out, he's actually living far beyond his own head.

Nice descriptions and characterizations; a thoughtful story.
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