Sailing Alone Around the World

Sailing Alone Around the World


(2 Reviews)
Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum







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Sailing Alone Around the World


(2 Reviews)
The actual experiences during cruise around the world in the Spray with a crew of one, 1895-98.

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y too glad to accept, for I had already found that I could not obtain work in the shipyard without first paying fifty dollars to a society, and as for a ship to command--there were not enough ships to go round. Nearly all our tall vessels had been cut down for coal-barges, and were being ignominiously towed by the nose from port to port, while many worthy captains addressed themselves to Sailors' Snug Harbor.

The next day I landed at Fairhaven, opposite New Bedford, and found that my friend had something of a joke on me. For seven years the joke had been on him. The "ship" proved to be a very antiquated sloop called the Spray, which the neighbors declared had been built in the year 1. She was affectionately propped up in a field, some distance from salt water, and was covered with canvas. The people of Fairhaven, I hardly need say, are thrifty and observant. For seven years they had asked, "I wonder what Captain Eben Pierce is going to do with the old Spray?" The day I appeared there

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The first to sail around the world alone in recorded history(not Sir Francis Chichester).

Top of the Mariners Library since he made the voyage.

Kaiser Wilhelm said that he liked the book "because it never displayed any fear" in what must have been-in parts-a harrowing journey.

Open it anywhere and just go for a sail.

5 stars +
Fantastic book. Captain Slocum is a famous "man of the sea" who sailed around the world alone around the turn of the 20th century. Not at all hard to read, especially if you like reading stories about the sea. BTW, there is an international Slocum society now, founded to support those who travel long distances in small boats: