The Vortex Blaster

The Vortex Blaster


(3 Reviews)
The Vortex Blaster by Edward Elmer Smith







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The Vortex Blaster


(3 Reviews)
Introducing ''Storm'' Cloud, who, through tragedy, is destined to become the most noted figure in the galaxy -- The Vortex Blaster!

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t gets me, what the hell? The quicker it does, the better--the sooner I'll be with Jo."

"You believe that?"


"The vortices are as good as gone, then. They haven't got any more chance than Boskone has of licking the Patrol."

"I'm afraid so," almost glumly. "The only way for it to get me is for me to make a mistake, and I don't feel any coming on."

"But what's your angle?" the Lensman asked, interest lighting his eyes. "You can't use the customary attack; your time will be too short."

"Like this," and, taking down a sheet of drafting paper, Cloud sketched rapidly. "This is the crater, here, with the vortex at the bottom, there. From the observers' instruments or from a shielded set-up of my own I get my data on mass, emission, maxima, minima, and so on. Then I have them make me three duodec bombs--one on the mark of the activity I'm figuring on shooting at, and one each five percent over and under that figure--cased in neocarballoy of exactly the computed t


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Written in 1941, set far in the future, this is an adventure tale of a physicist who is going to attempt to disrupt and disperse an inter-atomic vortex. It is a kind of self-perpetuating chain reaction that will eventually consume the entire Earth.

The character Cloud is nicely motivated to get revenge for the vortex killing his wife and 3 kids.

If you accept his prodigious computing ability and all the nifty and convenient (to the plot) technology, you might enjoy it. Just an average story.
I just love the Lensman series. This last one is just an add on. The verison here is not complete. The whole book that I read was much better than this version.
Well, I have not read this e-book because I don't need to! E.E. (Doc) Smith's lensman series of six volumes have sat on my bookshelf for many years now and the first five volumes have been read and re-read frequently. They form a magnificent (though now understandably dated) space opera. The entire detailed story of the breeding program of the Kinnisons which eventyally ended the evil designs of the Eddorians reached its stunning conclusion at the end of volume 5. This volume I only needed to read once. It is a poor attempt by Smith to capitalise on the popularity of the first five volumes by writing an add on. It doesn't work! Others have subsequently done a much better job, writing in Smith's style filling in and amplyfying parts of his main story line. As it is now a free download, I suppose it is worth a read for interests sake - I had to buy it! Read the first five volumes first and enjoy them!