Once a Greech

Once a Greech


(2 Reviews)
Once a Greech by Evelyn E. Smith





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Once a Greech


(2 Reviews)
The mildest of men, Iversen was capable of murder ... to disprove Harkaway's hypothesis that in the midst of life, we are in life!

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s a blight, a creeping canker--"

He was interrupted by the captain's broad palm clamping down over his mouth.

"Clap him in the brig, somebody, until we get clear of this place," Iversen ordered wearily. "If Harkaway could pick up the Flimbotzi language, the odds are that some of the natives have picked up Terran."

"That's right, always keep belittling me," Harkaway said sulkily as two of the crewmen carried off the struggling medical officer, who left an aromatic wake behind him that bore pungent testimonial to where a part, at least, of the mk'oog had gone. "No wonder it took me so long to find myself."

"Oh, have you found yourself at last?" Iversen purred. "Splendid! Now that you know where you are, supposing you do me a big favor and go lose yourself again while we make ready for blastoff."

"For shame," said the first officer as Harkaway stamped off. "For shame!"

"The captain's a hard man," observed the chief petty officer, who was lounging negligently aga

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Childish and outlandish. The characters are based on Saturday morning cartoons.

Earthmen make contact with an alien species that reincarnates into beings that inhabit spaceships. Not nearly as exciting as it might sound.
A bumbling scout discovers intelligent life on the nineteenth moon of the eleventh planet in a solar system otherwise barren of life. The scout is so inept that rather than investigate their science, art, or society, he adopts their religion. Then, in the rush to depart for the return trip to Earth, he steals one of their pets: a greech. But he misunderstood their religion, and their pets.
Oddly for a female author, all the characters are men, with only three having any complexity at all. I read to the end basically to see how it all came out.