The Ultroom Error

The Ultroom Error


(3 Reviews)
The Ultroom Error by Gerald Allan Sohl





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The Ultroom Error


(3 Reviews)
Smith admitted he had made an error involving a few murders—and a few thousand years. He was entitled to a sense of humor, though, even in the Ultroom!

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"You know the instructions. Just because you work in the Ultroom don't get to thinking human life doesn't have any value. We wouldn't be here if it hadn't. But to unnecessarily kill--" The older man shook his head. "You could have killed yourself as well and we'd never get the job done. As it is, you almost totally obliterated me." Tendal 13 paced the length of the cell and back again, gesturing as he talked.

"It was only with the greatest effort I pulled myself back together again. I doubt that you could have done it. And then all the while you've been sitting here, probably enjoying yourself with your special brand of humor I have grown to despise."

"You didn't have to come along at all, you know," Arvid 6 said.

"How well I know! How sorry I am that I ever did! It was only because I was sorry for you, because someone older and more experienced than you was needed. I volunteered. Imagine that! I volunteered! Tendal 13

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(1952) Sci-fi (Time travel) / Intrigue

From 'Space Science Fiction' May 1952.

R: ***

Plot bullets

Someone, wants this man's child.
Their persistence is incredible. It is almost like someone is desperately trying to correct a mistake.
How could this man's son be dangerous to anyone, in this day and time?

While transferring Kanad's (the planetary president) plasm to a younger body, Arvid 6 (accidently?) overshot his birthdate and scattered his plasm over the 6000 years of the past. Now he has to go back and pick it up, which seems to require killing the owner.

It's not exactly a funny story, and not particularly profound. The parents of the child Reggie are nice characters. I wasn't damaged by reading it.
Don Johnston - Sci-fi Page-turner That Explores Extrasensory Perception
FEATURED AUTHOR - Don Johnston was born in East Texas a long time ago. When he was five years old, Don found a tattered science book with several pages missing. The first intact page showed a monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. That incident was the ah-ha moment that drew Don into the world of science. Upon completing high school, he joined the Air Force and served as a jungle survival instructor in Panama. While in Panama, Don wrote a weekly gossip column for the base newspaper and won 2nd prize in a… Read more