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Fantômas by Pierre Souvestre, Marcel Allain







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The Adventures of Detective Juve in pursuit of a master in crime. Translated from the original French by Cranstoun Metcalfe.

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t tell us how his son comes to be your guest," President Bonnet urged.

"It is very simple: Etienne Rambert is an energetic man who is always moving about. Although he is quite sixty he still occupies himself with some rubber plantations he possesses in Colombia, and he often goes to America: he thinks no more of the voyage than we do of a trip to Paris. Well, just recently young Charles Rambert was leaving the pension in Hamburg where he had been living in order to perfect his German; I knew from his father's letters that Mme. Rambert was about to be put away, and that Etienne Rambert was obliged to be absent, so I offered to receive Charles here until his father should return to Paris. Charles came the day before yesterday, and that is the whole story."

"And M. Etienne Rambert joins him here to-morrow?" said the Abbé.

"That is so----"

* * * * *

The Marquise de Langrune would have given other information about her young friend had he not come into the room ju


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Superb writing from the begining of the 20 century. I am searching for more of their books after reading the first four I am hooked. Made me think of early Conan Doyal
The brilliant French Dective Juve theorizes that a series of high profile robberies and murders are all the doing of one brilliant criminal - Fantomas. But can he prove it in a court of law? And before he even tries Juve must answer two additional questions. Does Fantomas even exist? And if so, how can he be located and captured?

PS - about the "hot wine salad" in the Saint-Anthony's Pig saloon. I don't speak French but a bit of googling tells me that "hot wine salad" is better translated as "bowl of warm wine". I don't know why this bothered me but the thought of these people enjoying hot wine salad would have seemed out of character.
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What a fun read! Now I have no choice but to read the next book of Fantomas! The disguises and the escapes from the police are so far fetched that its fascinating! One can not take this seriously- pure enjoyment.
I am so pleased to see Fantomas in the Manybooks library. I listened to this several years ago as an audiobook. At the time I had decided (before listening) that it sounded ridiculous and too far-fetched to hold my attention. Was I wrong! I loved every second of it (once I got into it). Since that time, I have wished to read the entire series, but I cannot find all of them. I hope Manybooks can find them.

Fantomas is the name given by the French top police officials to a master criminal so clever that some believe him to be nothing more than a phantom. He is no phantom. He is diabolical, and as you read deeper into the books, you can't wait to see what his imagination will contrive. He simply plays with the police. Great fun.

This is my concept of what pulp fiction should be. I heartily recommend it. Enjoy!