The Diamond Cross Mystery

The Diamond Cross Mystery
Being a Somewhat Different Detective Story


(3 Reviews)
The Diamond Cross Mystery by Chester K. Steele







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The Diamond Cross Mystery
Being a Somewhat Different Detective Story


(3 Reviews)
Here is something positively new in the line of mystery stories. Colonel Ashley, a military man turned detective, is a character that once known is never to be forgotten. The plot hinges on a murder and the mysterious disappearance of a cross of diamonds, and suspicion points to the lover of one of the sweetest girls ever introduced in fiction. And then--and this is unusual in a detective story--there is some real humor, the trail of Spotty, who was willing to confess to anything

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, shiny, drizzle-swept street.

"Only Sallie Page, the cook. I'll call her. There's Mrs. Darcy's maid--Jane Metson. But she went away yesterday afternoon and won't be back until about noon. It's past time Sallie was down to get breakfast. I'll call her--"

Darcy made a move as though to go to the rear of the store, whence a side door gave entrance to the stairs leading to the rooms above.

"I'll go with you," said Mulligan, and he shoved himself to an erect posture by forcing his elbows against the showcase on which he had been leaning in a manner to give himself as much rest as possible without sitting down--it was a way he had, acquired from long patrolling of city streets.

"You--you'll go with me?" faltered Darcy.

"Yes, to call the cook. She won't run away," and he nodded toward the dead woman.

"Oh!" There was a world of meaning in Darcy's interjection. "You mean that I--"

"I don't mean nothin'!" broke in Mulligan. "I leave that to the gum-shoe men. Co

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Puzzled by a complex murder--the victim having been electrocuted, poisoned, head-bashed and stabbed? And what of all the clocks being stopped at different times, eh? Fortunately the next murder is simpler, no electricity being involved.

Not to worry, for Colonel R E Lee Ashley, America's answer to Inspector Clouseau, is on the job, sneaking and eavesdropping everywhere in the hopes that the murderer will inadvertently confess. Poor fish!
I've just completed the book. The book worths your time. The more chapters you finish, the more mystery events start to happen. If you are mystery lover why wait, download the book and start enjoying your leisure time. I promise you won't be disappointed.
I enjoyed the authors style of applying the quotes from the fishing book he was reading, to the mystery.
It is a regular romance mystery.
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