Master of Ballantrae

Master of Ballantrae


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Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson







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Master of Ballantrae


(1 Review)
A masterful tale of revenge, set in Scotland and America.

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up by a Mr. Mackellar. M'Brair answered, that the papers in question were all in Mackellar's own hand, all (as the writer understood) of a purely narrative character; and besides, said he, 'I am bound not to open them before the year 1889.' You may fancy if these words struck me: I instituted a hunt through all the M'Brair repositories; and at last hit upon that packet which (if you have had enough wine) I propose to show you at once."

In the smoking-room, to which my host now led me, was a packet, fastened with many seals and enclosed in a single sheet of strong paper thus endorsed:

Papers relating to the lives and lamentable deaths of the late Lord Durisdeer, and his elder brother James, commonly called Master of Ballantrae, attainted in the troubles: entrusted into the hands of John M'Brair in the Lawnmarket of Edinburgh, W.S.; this 20th day of September Anno Domini 1789; by him to be kept secret until the revolution of one hundred years complete, or until the 20th day of September 1889: the sa

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A tale of two brothers named Jeykll and Hyde

Actually a tale of two brothers, named James and Henry. James is a demonic charmer, boastful, egocentric and usually broke. Brother Henry is industrious and thrifty, a good man, but also tends to vacillate.

They don't like each other. James likes to tease Henry, by calling him names, taking his money, flirting with his wife and doing other bad things.

But Henry is tougher than you might think and can be quite resourceful when angry. However, this just serves to increase James' anger and make him all the more determined.

A bit of a swashbuckler, a bit of a psychological drama, not bad, not Stevenson at his best, but others who will beg to differ.