Rudder Grange

Rudder Grange


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Rudder Grange by Frank R. Stockton





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Rudder Grange


(2 Reviews)

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mia said I ought to have helped him, but I really thought that it would be better for one person to fall off the plank than for two to go over together), and we had paid him, and he had driven away in a speechless condition, we scrambled up and stood upon the threshold, or, rather, the after-deck of our home.

It was a proud moment. Euphemia glanced around, her eyes full of happy tears, and then she took my arm and we went down stairs--at least we tried to go down in that fashion, but soon found it necessary to go one at a time. We wandered over the whole extent of our mansion and found that our carpenter had done his work better than the woman whom we had engaged to scrub and clean the house. Something akin to despair must have seized upon her, for Euphemia declared that the floors looked dirtier than on the occasion of her first visit, when we rented the boat.

But that didn't discourage us. We felt sure that we should get it clean in time.

Early in the afternoon our furniture arrived, to


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(1859 Humor (Domestic)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

A husband and wife need to find reasonably priced housing. We get to see their two solutions, Rudder Grange.
A grange? An English farm house with attached farm buildings.
A rudder? Your correct, a device to steer a boat.
Why would a grange have a rudder? Well, their first grange is really a houseboat/barge.
That decision had it\'s funny situations, but alas, due to the great disaster, new accommodations must be found.
The new grange? Well, it is one, but the name sticks.
At first it is just as hard to run a farm as a houseboat.
Then there are their friends, their boarder and their unique housekeeper, to complicate things.

A story of a young couple and their first adventures with homeownership and people in their lives. Even though it is centered around the same characters, it is really a series of short stories. An easy and lighthearted read, but the adventures are relatively mediocre.