The Watter's Mou'

The Watter's Mou'


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The Watter's Mou' by Bram Stoker







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The Watter's Mou'


(1 Review)
A romance enmeshed in a smuggler's tale, set on the Scottish coast.

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to lose any time coming when he was free. Now that every arrangement was complete, and as he had between puffs of the sea-fog got a clean sweep of the horizon and saw that there was no sail of any kind within sight, he thought he might have a look through the village and keep in evidence so as not to create any suspicion in the minds of the people. As he went through the street he noticed that nearly every house door was closed-- all the women were at the new barn. It was now eight o'clock, and the darkness, which is slow of coming in the North, was closing in. Down by the barn there were quite a number of carts, and the horses had not been taken out, though the wedding was not to be till nine o'clock, or perhaps even later; for Mrs MacDonald had taken care to tell her friends that Keith might not get over from Boddam till late. Willy looked at the carts carefully--some idea seemed to have struck him. Their lettering shewed them to be from all parts round, and the names mostly of those who had not the best re

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* Poor fishermen supplement their meager income by smuggling.
* A young man has to balance his duty in the Coast Guard with his love for the daughter of one of these fishermen.
* The Waters Mou: A dangerous opening (mouth) in the rocks of the coast. Dangerous even in the best weather, worse when one must brave it for those they love..
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