The Hungry Stones

The Hungry Stones
and Other Stories


(7 Reviews)
The Hungry Stones by Rabindranath Tagore







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The Hungry Stones
and Other Stories


(7 Reviews)
Contents: The Hungry Stones; The Victory; Once There Was A King; The Home-coming; My Lord, The Baby; The Kingdom Of Cards; The Devotee Vision; The Babus Of Nayanjore; Living Or Dead?; ''We Crown Thee King''; The Renunciation; The Cabuliwallah [The Fruitseller from Cabul]

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the table and was about to lie down for a comfortable doze, when the extraordinary person deliberately set about spinning the following yarn. Of course, I could get no sleep that night.

When, owing to a disagreement about some questions of administrative policy, I threw up my post at Junagarh, and entered the service of the Nizam of Hydria, they appointed me at once, as a strong young man, collector of cotton duties at Barich.

Barich is a lovely place. The Susta "chatters over stony ways and babbles on the pebbles," tripping, like a skilful dancing girl, in through the woods below the lonely hills. A flight of 150 steps rises from the river, and above that flight, on the river's brim and at the foot of the hills, there stands a solitary marble palace. Around it there is no habitation of man--the village and the cotton mart of Barich being far off.

About 250 years ago the Emperor Mahmud Shah II. had built this lonely palace for his pleasure and luxury. In his days jets of rose-water spurted from

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i read this books the firs time when i was 10 years old. In my country mexico, in spanish; now living in U.S.A for more than 20 years im glad that i found this lovely books that where part of my childhood
As others have already said this is a great book, a collection of short stories that have an extraordinary amount of depth
My personal favs are "The Hungary Stones" "The Victory" "The Home-coming" "My Lord, The Baby"
Highly recommended :)
If you are just browsing because you are an avid reader and enjoy contemplating the possibilities of stumbling upon exceptional writing then browse no more. You have arrived at your destination.
the hungry stones is an excellent piece of reading. the story is a clearly drawn picture of time. an interface between two romantic minds living in two different era of history. what a wonderful concept. a must read from tagore's
Short stories telling the life of Northern-Indian people, some with surprises, some dramatic, but all told in colorful pictures-, in excellently clear language worth of a Nobel prize winner. The title story "The Hungry Stones" itself is a horror masterpiece containing a glimpse of the political situation of India decades before final liberation. I made german translations of three stories, google for "Die hungrigen Steine". The two others I found exceptional were "The Devotee" and "The Cabuliwallah", both dramatic and educational at the same time. Read it.
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