Prison of a Billion Years

Prison of a Billion Years


(2 Reviews)
Prison of a Billion Years by Stephen Marlowe







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Prison of a Billion Years


(2 Reviews)
Adam Slade was a man who had nothing to lose by making a break for it. The trouble was, he knew that no one had ever escaped from the—Prison of a Billion Years

Book Excerpt

d around her ankles, as if waiting for something. The storm seemed to be waiting too, lightning holding back, the thunder stilled, even the rain hanging there in the black heavy sky, waiting....

Slade came after her, stalking through the surf.

A single bolt of lightning lanced down at them and a great engulfing roar lifted Marcia, carried her, stunned her, and then the rain pelted down again and the sea was an angry sea and the air was supercharged with ozone and another smell. Like seared flesh.

Like seared flesh.

She saw Adam Slade then. Slade was down in a foot of water, face down. He was not moving and the water lapped around him, over him. She went to him, walking slowly.

The men from the helicopter were there too. They had seen in that final flash of lightning.

"Are you all right, miss?" one of them shouted.

"Yes. Slade?"

They turned him over. They looked at him. "Dead," one of them said.

"Dead," she echoed. She would have collapsed, but the

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This is a tired old tale of the future going back in time to create the past that eventually creates the future. It's been done too many times, and nothing new here to make it interesting.
Clever idea of isolating a prison in time--on a barren earth. A doomed prisoner escapes with a hostage, but where can he go?

Interesting, and the writing and characters are good. It would have worked without the last sentence, which was a groaner, for me.