The Making of a Matchmaker

The Making of a Matchmaker


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The Making of a Matchmaker by Tess Thompson







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The Making of a Matchmaker


(1 Review)
In the fall of 1910, a violent patriarch with many enemies is murdered, freeing his long-suffering wife and four misfit children. Can a secret matchmaking plan find love for the eccentric members of the Tutheridge family?

The four Tutheridge siblings grew up under the savage dictatorship of their wealthy and powerful father. Isolated on a small island in the Puget Sound, his three sons and daughter have little hope for finding love. Given their unique personalities and internal demons, romance seems unlikely. But when their mother secretly engages a team of matchmakers, hope blossoms for this lonely, slightly odd clan.

As long as they don’t know they’re being matched, they just might get their happy ending.

However, when their father’s secrets are revealed in the weeks after his death, everyone becomes a murder suspect. Could one of them have snapped in a moment of rage? Or was it one of the many people he manipulated and hurt over the years that finally had enough?

And is it possible for love to grow in the wake of such darkness?

A murder mystery meets swoony historical romance in this new clean and wholesome series by bestselling author, Tess Thompson.

Read this prequel to fall in love with Whale Island and its lovable band of eccentrics!


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All of them, though, are made to suspect murder when their father's secrets come to light in the weeks following his passing. Was it a fit of rage that caused one of them to snap? Or did someone eventually have enough after being taken advantage of and hurt by him for so long?

Over all, the book was worth it, and I really felt it, but I also tried to find it on other platforms too, but I didn't get it. I think this should get published on other online publishing platforms like so it can reach more people.
Linda LeBlanc - A Fair Knight Slain
FEATURED AUTHOR - Linda LeBlanc's favorite university classes revolved around cultural anthropology, igniting a desire within her to traverse the globe. With travels spanning 68 countries as of 2023, Linda's roots trace back to Denver, where she spent her formative years exploring the majestic Rocky Mountains. It was the allure of the Himalayas that beckoned her to Nepal, where she immersed herself in Sherpa culture. Venturing further, Linda led treks to the Everest Base Camp and chronicled her experiences with… Read more