The Novice Ghost Hunter

The Novice Ghost Hunter


(1 Review)
The Novice Ghost Hunter by Martin J. Best







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The Novice Ghost Hunter


(1 Review)
The creepy short story prequel to the 'Ghost Hunter' series of novels! Malachi Hunter's abiding passion for the occult and supernatural has made him a loner and social misfit. Unfortunately, his lack of self-confidence has always prevented him from fulfilling his ambition to become a ghost hunter. That is until he meets Anna Spalding. In a misguided effort to impress her, he agrees to investigate a property managed by her father's letting agency. His investigation has consequences that none of them could have anticipated...

Mal's story continues in 'A Matter of Faith,' 'Of Gods and Ghosts,' and 'Blood Ties.'

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My download was the PDF (as manybooks offers format-by-choice, when available).

The Novice Ghost Hunter features Malachi, who is a young adult, poorest in the bunch of youngsters meeting Saturday nights. The crush he has on Anna, the gorgeous rich gal, leads into a surprising situation, as she asks him to investigate a haunted house on her behalf.

The PDF format wasn't flawless, but I know such from transforming my own texts into PDF. It happens that the original format gets jammed, or outright destroyed. Otherwise the author did not make any mistakes spoiling the readability.

The story flow is good, albeit not innovative or thrilling. It is a solid work, with the only notable point being the characters could be a bit more fleshed-out, as here the professionalism of the author streamlines it all, like an unwanted equalizer does on sounds.

The definition of Ghost Hunter is very cliche, but that cliche is served well, and fully understood by the author. Here you need TV trivia and folklore, not occult practice and shamanic counseling. ;-)

The work is the start of a series, and really not a bad one on that. Sadly it had no big bang, as I remember the movie 'Stir of Echoes' going for it. Such may be a matter of taste, so I vote it 4 stars.
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