The Hound of Heaven

The Hound of Heaven


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The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson







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The Hound of Heaven


(1 Review)

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uences were pitifully tragical, it is hard to blame the father of Francis. How are we to discover the extraordinary seal in a case that requires special and extraordinary treatment?

Francis was twenty-four years old with no more idea than a child's of how life is planned on practical lines of prosperity. The senior Thompson thought it time for him to learn and issued orders to find employment of some remunerative kind. Accordingly during the next two years Francis served indifferently for brief periods as a clerk in the shop of a maker of surgical instruments and as a canvasser of an encyclopedia. Both experiments in the art of making a living were failures, increasing paternal dissatisfaction. The desperate young man then enlisted in the army, and after a few weeks' of drilling was rejected on the score of physical weakness.


I knew how the clouds arise,
Spumèd of the wild sea-snortings _Page 51_]

During these shiftless and unhappy years as a listless medi

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Hound of Heaven is a masterpiece. It depicts the relation between God and Man. It is God's unfathomable love that will never let man run away from God. God is chasing man and man is running away from God. Man pursues various paths to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. After wandering all over with empty pursuit,Man surrenders to God who was chasing man with a dogged pursuit to stop man. Here the poet compares God to a dog. Man surrenders to God finally. This is for serious reading. The poetic expression is unique with vivid imaginations.
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