What Men Live By

What Men Live By
and Other Tales


(2 Reviews)
What Men Live By by graf Tolstoy Leo





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What Men Live By
and Other Tales


(2 Reviews)

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Setting a cup on the table, she poured out some kvas. Then she brought out the last piece of bread, and set out a knife and spoons.

"Eat, if you want to," said she.

Simon drew the stranger to the table.

"Take your place, young man," said he.

Simon cut the bread, crumbled it into the broth, and they began to eat. Matryona sat at the corner of the table resting her head on her hand and looking at the stranger.

And Matryona was touched with pity for the stranger, and began to feel fond of him. And at once the stranger's face lit up; his brows were no longer bent, he raised his eyes and smiled at Matryona.

When they had finished supper, the woman cleared away the things and began questioning the stranger. "Where are you from?" said she.

"I am not from these parts."

"But how did you come to be on the road?"

"I may not tell."

"Did some one rob you?"

"God punished me."

"And you were lying there naked?"

"Yes, naked and freezin

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this stories are full of quality inspiration and good reasons to live simple life.
WOW! We read this story in my english class and it really blew my mind. I felt that this story really had deeper meaning to it than just what it said. I mean if you think about the 3 smiles i think symbolize Christ's reserection in 3 days. I loved the symbolism and irony of this book especially how the 2 little twin girls were what brought Michael to earth and then allowed him to go back to heaven. I thank Leo Tolstoy for writing this beautiful piece that reflects the way a true story should be written.
C.L Shore - Love, Loss and Honoring the Past While Embracing the Future.
FEATURED AUTHOR - C.L. Shore began reading mysteries in the second grade, and has been a fan of the genre ever since. Maiden Murders, (2018), a prequel to A Murder in May (2017), is her most recent mystery release. Her short stories have appeared in Sisters in Crime anthologies, Kings River Life Magazine, and Mysterical-E. Cherry Blossom Temple (2020) is her first women’s fiction novel. Shore has been a member of Sisters in Crime for over a decade, serving as a local board member for several years.